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This will never work (but here’s an idea….)

You know those kids that have nasty stories to tell about being in care…or the visit from the “important bloke”……or just have a painful story to tell….

You know, the girl or boy (or man or woman) be they rich, poor, ill, healthy, disadvantaged, not very bright, so brainy that grey matter has involuntary escapes from their ears from time to time because it can’t cope with all the pressure of all the clever sh*te going on in there, regardless of any religious and ethnic background….they might be in pain right now…and they might be in turmoil…

Listen to them, and if they want to report whatever has happened to them to the Police, let there at least be a proper standard of care and a *real* minimum standard of investigation that goes into the accusations they make. Let them not be headed off at the pass at the front line.

I can’t helping thinking that if the Justice system can guarantee this, we might actually manage to get nasty exploitative crimes against vulnerable people (regardless of age, gender and a range of other differentiating factors) treated with a true degree of seriousness, and the risk of the horrible people slipping through the net is hopefully reduced. No frothing, no hysteria about “paedos”, just cold, hard, investigation to a specified standard from square one, no negotiation, no “we don’t believe you because you’re homeless/drug addict/teenager/sex worker/woman/gay” – Yes, we’ll meet a specific standard, that’s all.

And who knows, the bad guys might just be made paranoid enough to realise that it’s never, ever ok….

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