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Soon I’ll be Sixty Years Old

Posted on 17th July 2017

Despite the fact that someone asked if my son was my grandson last week, I managed to get myself out of the huff

Well actually I won’t be 60 soon, however I do appreciate it’ll be soon enough.

As life is all too short and busy, I’ve been trying to be kind to myself, generally hang in there, and not, for want of a more elegant phrase, do my own head in trying to be all things to all people. It’s only been recently that I’ve realised that stepping away from my creative outlets is not the way to achieve this and in the few weeks I’ve been away from work, I’ve felt some fairly unusual sensations wafting over me.

I realised that it was contentment. That was a weird one and no mistake.

As if by magic, (or more to the point, his Mrs. shared it on Facebook), I re-read this blog by Brian Lumsden, Life and Leadership Coach, at, that hit home on a number of levels. Especially around self-care and the time spent with loved ones.

Rather tellingly, I actually meant to post this last year, but work/stress ate my life again and I never got around to it. It’s really worth a read.

The link to the post is here – Soon I’ll be Sixty years old

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