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So…Mr Rhyming Slang…and your tragically ill-informed mates

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

The case of Savita Halappanavar has highlighted why I will never, ever stop banging on about this. Since becoming a parent, I’ve become actually more pro-choice than I was before. I didn’t actually believe that was possible. So….Mr Rhyming Slang…. Yes, that’s you, Mr.Hunt, oh and you, Dorries, you fame-chasing-right-wing-press-baiting-blogger-harassing-half-wit, now hopefully up to your nipples in rats, spiders, centipedes and soap stars who are approaching the brick wall of the end of their careers like a stampeding bull on whizz. Oh, and you too, Cameron, Romney, Ryan, Bachman and Palin. I hope you’re feeling suitably scared by my teeny blog with a teeny audience. Right, hat in the ring. The stuff that goes on the wombs and love tunnels of the world (and that corner of the world that you exercise a degree of influence over) has *nothing* to do with you. If you’re going to take a role like “Secretary of State for Health”, a tiny bit of medical knowledge is generally useful. Also, as a very recent parent (I’m looking at YOU, Mr Hunt), one would hope that a tiny bit of attention *might* have been paid to little things like when certain scans occurred on ye-olde-up-the-duff time line that tell you whether or not your kid is likely to, oh, live….and stuff. What these halfwits don’t seem to realise is that, if they erode the rights as they currently exist, they run the risk of ending up killing a woman because the fading heartbeat of the baby she’s losing is more important. That is what happened here, all because some people believe that Sky Dad says no. They also seem to have convincingly ignored that by doing this, it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that this could bite them on the arse, personally. I like that fact that our fine and admirable medical profession in the UK (especially obstetrics and gynaecology because they are the ones I’ve had more to do with recently) are focused on trying to ensure the best outcomes for everybody. Delaying life saving treatment (because that’s what Savita would have really been getting because that miscarriage could not have been prevented) cost a woman her life. Not good enough, not acceptable, please let birth and pregnancy be dealt with appropriately…and political types…..shhhhh, before you make more of a fool of yourselves.

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