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Guess who's back? Back again....

Howdy Duffer Lovers, time to stick my head over the parapet once more.

I know things have been quiet but things have been changing (mostly for the better) here at Duffer Towers, and it’s safe to say that I’ve/We’ve been hella busy.

  • Christening

  • Moved house (Finally!!! It has a garden!!! And space!!)

  • Changed contracts at work to one that works a lot better for me. Where I don’t feel like telling the customer to “go forth and be fruitful”.

  • Went to see Belly in London.

  • Got a diagnosis for the lad so we can support him at school and he’s starting Reception next week.

  • Lots of back pain. But also discovered the highly functional, and highly uncomfortable delights of sports massage and things are a lot better.

  • Rented out the old place.

  • Refurbishing bits and bats to furnish the place as it’s amazing how much stuff you need when you’ve been living in a mortgaged cupboard for 10 years. Like a TV stand.

  • And I was out of action for 3-ish weeks with chicken pox. No fun if you’re north of 40.

The thing is, when you’ve burnt out before, you have to be aware that there are aspects of your life that you may need to set to one side for a while, so that you can attend to the business of living as your energy is a finite resource.

Back with the programme now though. Yeeehaaaa! x

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