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Duffers Diary No Longer!

It should be clear by now that I am quite definitely no longer in a duffed state. Nope, it’s safe to say that I have proved empirically that I definitely don’t have the gestation period of a Manatee. (It’s 13 months FYI). Mini Badger made an appearance mid January and, as is traditional, I’ve been engulfed by a maelstrom of nappies, boobs, bottles, crying and cooing like the soft sh*te I have discovered myself to be. Suddenly (just as I am on the brink of returning to work, which is a bit of a scunner) I have a baby who has naps and is consistently jolly pleasant whilst awake so I’ve got a teeny bit of head space. That I’m going to use whittering inconsequentially on the internet. Go me.

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