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Obviously, my name is not The Duffer’s Diary, it’s Christine.

I came up with the name for The Duffer’s Diary in 2011 as a way of expressing the slings and arrows of outrageous pregnancy, but the blog developed into something more over time, but I wasn’t writing in any real or focused way.


Admittedly pregnancy and motherhood do give you a lot of food for thought — the logistics of applying Perineum Gel when you have a large bump and don’t have the arms of Mister Tickle, the impracticality of the recommended caffeine consumption when you’ve got a demanding job and you’re cursed by idiots, and the great breastfeeding debate (TL: DR — A fed baby is a happy baby, and formula is not made of brick dust and arsenic as there are laws about feeding people stuff that kills them, and the need to ignore the harpies who lurk, being judgmental, on message boards).

Hope you enjoy my work x

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