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How mindfulness helped me to get my groove back after burnout – Part 2

So anyway, there I was, having reached the end of my tether, the tank was empty, the bottom of the barrel had been officially scraped and I then had to find my way back.

Unfortunately, first I had to negotiate getting signed off and I also had to go through a telephone interview with the Employee Assistance service to access counselling. (Fully supported by my boss, I might add). Let’s just say, because I couldn’t get to see my normal doctor, I got the “So what do you want me to do?” treatment, and the counselling service suggested (in all seriousness) that the reason why I had been unable to sleep for 4 months and was experiencing headaches and fuzziness was because (I sh*t you not) I was hungry.

The temptation to say “Erm, are you having a giraffe pet?” was strong but I resisted. In the end, my proper doctor was brilliant. I went on a low dose anti-depressant and tried to ride out the side effects. With a poorly child and a chest infection. Thanks immune system, your timing is epic.

About 3 weeks after I’d finished work, I got my appointment through for the counsellor. Still not great, still numb, reeling from the side effects of the AD’s…To be continued….Part 3 coming soon……

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