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RIP Mister Thornton

Take carexxx

I’m gutted, a friend of mine died last weekend and I only found out on Sunday night..

Someone who stood up for me, supported me during the horrible marriage and who had a heart as big as a house….talked to me til 4 in the morning the day before my (1st) wedding because I was bricking it that my dad would turn up and disrupt everything….when Al’s behaviour was getting wackier and wackier….

The real git of the matter is we had a stupid disagreement about the whole ebay thing (rings…) and I never sorted it out…because he was supporting the underdog (as he tended to – i.e. Al – who was in a much worse place than I was, but if I’m honest, I was the strong one so he was more concerned about Al’s shaky mental health) I took umbrage….silly woman

I was too angry to look at it from his perspective…Does anyone detect a theme????

2 thoughts on “Sad

  1. aw, I’m sorry Mrs C

    you know, sometimes shitty things happen, so that you make sure they don’t happen again – sometimes we get lucky, and get the chance to make sure everything is okay, and sometimes we don’t (which is when we feel shitty)… it’s crap, and probably wont make you feel better, but don’t feel too bad – remember the good times too.

    I’m really sorry to hear about your loss.


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