Roxane Gay: meet the bad feminist

She likes pink, will dance to Blurred Lines, occasionally fakes an orgasm… and worries that the sisterhood would not approve. America’s brightest new essayist tells Kira Cochrane about the dark side of her fierce, funny writing I particularly love this comment: "As a writer who is also a woman, I increasingly feel that writing is a political

Dinner with an activist

Go to tumblr and find this poet. sisterofastone: By Rina Caparras Iris refuses a plate of free cheese hors d’oeuvres again, nods thankfully at the server as I take my share. I’m tired of pretending I have something I want to fight for the way she does, ordering a vegan meal at a steakhouse. In this

Ode to Spring (Thursday)

And thus we're blessed with lighter nights and yellow nodding blossoms, To cast off winters gloomy plight and all that's old and rotten, Birds bellow in the early morn and snow and dark forgotten, But tell me why you bring to me a rash upon my bottom? *heartily slaps self in stark realisation that writing doggerel in the

copy editors!!

This is a little gem from the Daily Mail...have they actually sacked all the copy editors? Not only is this the last bastion of annoying NIMBYism, they also aren't very good at their own language, which, when you think about it, is quite ironic. Article about Matt Cardle of X factor "fame". Looking visibly upset