Generally my dreams are a load of tripe: for example, the one about trying to catch pigs in a flooded field whilst carrying a washing machine. Whilst being chased by anthromorphic articulated lorries*. This was a particular stand out in my catalogue of anxiety-ridden sleep time brain vomitings. Last night I had an epiphany. Does

Good people are good

amandapalmer: my friend jeremy geidt just died. about two hours ago i was headed over to his house in Cambridge to say hello (he’s old, and he’s been sick lately) but wound up saying goodbye - he’d passed away about an hour before I got there. there was his body and his nurse and a


RIP Mister Thornton Take carexxx I'm gutted, a friend of mine died last weekend and I only found out on Sunday night.. Someone who stood up for me, supported me during the horrible marriage and who had a heart as big as a house....talked to me til 4 in the morning the day before my