Watch a Tory fall over – Part 1

Because it amuses me and it makes me feel better to laugh at the misfortunes of those who don't give a rat's ass about the rest of us, for your delectation, a series of video clips of Conservative politicians falling over.... Boris Johnson falling into a river...


It’s all about Stoicism Stōĭc a & n. (Person) having great self-control, fortitude or austerity; (S~) (typical of) Philosopher of ancient Greek school of noted for those qualities and emphasising virtue and ethics.™ OED Whilst trying to avoid being a miserable person. For me, one of the definitions of stoic is the noble yet irrevocably futile


micdotcom: If you weren’t moved by #BlackOutDay, you might want to check your pulse. Even the racist white backlash was rebuffed in the best possible way.

Carol Rossetti Rocks

carolrossettidesign: Translated by me and Monica Odom [image text] Some people said that Thais should give up her dream because some jobs are really meant “just for men.” Thais was the first woman in her town to become an airplane pilot and doesn’t regret ignoring the bad advice! [texto da imagem] Disseram para Thaís desistir de