Guess who’s back? Back again

Howdy Duffer Lovers, time to stick my head over the parapet once more. I know things have been quiet but things have been changing (mostly for the better) here at Duffer Towers, and it's safe to say that I've/We've been hella busy. So... Christening Moved house (Finally!!! It has a garden!!! And space!!) Changed contracts

On having sold your soul to Satan

This is a feeling I get quite a lot. I've worked hard to achieve certain things, only to discover that those things are ultimately a bit meaningless.  Swapping terrible business platitudes (that I was poor at doing anyway - I've wrestled the "Haway man, you *pause* are *pause* talking *pause* *emphasis* SHITE!" monster more often

Business and busy-ness

Ah, so much for me posting daily! Life, house jigglage, professional courses, poorly child, scabby eyed mother, poorly husband, sleep disturbance and work have all conspired to keep me quiet. But to be fair to myself (and to anyone who reads this blog) at least, dear reader, who've been spared me giving it "I'm so

So…Mr Rhyming Slang…and your tragically ill-informed mates

The case of Savita Halappanavar has highlighted why I will never, ever stop banging on about this. Since becoming a parent, I've become actually more pro-choice than I was before. I didn't actually believe that was possible. So....Mr Rhyming Slang.... Yes, that's you, Mr.Hunt, oh and you, Dorries, you fame-chasing-right-wing-press-baiting-blogger-harassing-half-wit, now hopefully up to your nipples in