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Amanda Palmer – dancing around ’til it hurts at QMU….

Bit of a cross post….

UniquelySnowflake – Amanda Palmer Giggage

I had a fabulous time and a right hoot. Everything about the wee trip was cracking and meeting up with a good mate after whoa-years was too…

Owning and wearing boots that were older than some of the people I stood next to in the queue gave me a teeny moment of pause though. Ah, what the hell, nowt wrong with being the “older folk at a gig ‘Eeh, I saw the Pixies at the G-Mex in 1991 you know'” type. 😉

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Duffed no more: It runs in the family

To be completely honest, I garnered a faint suspicion early on that my darling Mini D was perhaps going to take after my side of the family (in some respects) at the 12 week scan. From the anecdotes that I’ve heard from quite a lot of mothers, their “euphemism” was serenely treading water, sleeping or looking generally pretty Zen at this point. And my beloved is a bit of a laid back guy.

Hmm…after about 10 seconds into the first ultrasound, it was clear that this was not going to happen in my world. Jumping bean central. Rick O’Shay. Ditto at the 20 week and 23 week scan. We couldn’t tell the gender because he wouldn’t actually stay still long enough. This reminds of my greatly adored and brilliant little sister, whose dedication to talking to people, and possibly having more energy than many have in a lifetime is just awesome, if a little brain cobbling for the casual observer.
Oh and the fact we nicknamed him “Kicky”.

This blog sounds terribly me-me-me at the minute but I must admit, I hope it means he’s “caught” the music gene, because two big lads in the house who couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket would probably be the death of me. This flat is *way* too small for tunes that are not meant to be atonal, becoming slowly more atonal over time. This is combined with bizarre timing that results in gradual shortening of a given musical phrase until it’s only the “headline” bit of the riff that’s suddenly being delivered in 2.5/4 time rather than the 4/4 it started out with. After driving one round the twist. It’s like a riff has a half life, gradually losing notes like radium loses electrons…

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For someone who professes to be a bit of an indie kid, I really love *good* pop music. The thing is that pop (which is a terribly dismissive way of describing some utterly fantastic songs) is how most people access music and quite a lot of the time, do not really get the opportunity to access different types and genres. I don’t hear genre, I just hear what hits me with the tune cattle prod at the time.

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Tender of finger tip

Lately my guitar practice has had that vile air of twatfulness that comes from trying something that you used to know really well, and completely bollocksing it up. It’s disheartening to say the least. However I’ve used a strategy to limit what I play regularly to about 15 songs and concentrating on them, rather than buggering on in a generally unfocused and unproductive way. Almost every day. It’s also helped by the fact that I don’t get wrist fatigue anymore (Thanks again Daisy Rock Guitars). I’m glad to say it appears to be working, and it’s working to the extent that I’m even starting to start singing at the same time too. Which is great as it’s something I used to be able to do quite readily and without much fear.

Another thing that helps is being around both virtually and in the real world, folk who play. It provides a great incentive to not suck!

Also my sister has expressed an interest in learning the bass….

Watch this space….

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Hormone soup


  • Discovered that worrying about the ‘W’ word is about as sensible as trying to unlock your front door with a pillow.
  • Painting (Doors BTW, not as a means of self expression) –  can be very zen.
  • Enjoying 80’s pop (in the context of Ashes to Ashes) does not mean that I have ears of tin and therefore I should be shunned by my associates.
  • The previous comment probably has something to do with oestrogen and in about 48 hours time I’ll back to my usual obtuse indie-lovin self. I reserve to the right to deny all knowledge of the 3rd statement in this list when the balance of my mind is restored.
  • I have eaten more Babybels and Haribo than is strictly good for me.
  • Never trust a man wearing a pinny.
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Oh the shame – deferred from OH’s birthday

I should be ashamed really, all things considered, but my other half has never heard me sing properly.

I’d been set a challenge to complete for his birthday where I’d going to work out some stuff to sing and play for his birthday. However, my new guitar arrived but moments beforehand so he thought it wouldn’t be fair (and if I’m honest, I was bricking it).

Now we are back from holiday and now on the long slow slide to Xmas (eeek!) I think I’m going to have to come up with the goods. First tune is to be “Your Ghost”. Not difficult to play but I’m feeling the fear! Help!

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Odd 80’s moments….

I have “o superman” on my laptop and it’s a tune I like to play on occasion…

Lovely husband will often look at me askance when I do…

Not that it really matters to anyone, but I suppose it depends on whether you think the song is a pile of pretentious New York arty toss, or alternatively, it’s thought provoking (if a bit weird)

I suspect I spend my day doing too much structured thinking….