Barley Free Living Here's a link to my new blog, where I'm boldly going to seek out foods with barley in, and put them on here so that I can avoid them myself and hopefully help out other people in the same predicament, especially those who don't have problems with other grains.

More cooking – Part Deux

So at roughly 11.35 on Christmas Eve I ran out of wrapping paper and also managed to finally get 24 red velvet cupcakes out of the bloody oven. For info, I've been planning to make the damn things since June, but considering that was when I went back to work, the opportunity and enthusiasm to

well the pig was a roaring success…

We had another cracking evening with some chums, generally filling ourselves to the gunnels. And making a fairly respectable dint in the nations wine stocks. It was tremendous 🙂 x Starter - antipasto which is always a winner, grilled halloumi, feta, salami, chorizo, marinated mushrooms, sun blush tomatoes - I'm drooling again. Roast pork with

Cretan Roast Pork

In the previous post there is a picture of one of my experiments with pig in a marinade of lemon juice, olive oil, oregano, salt, pepper and enough garlic to knock out the proprietor of our local accidental Italian/Tunisian fusion restaurant* which will be marinating away for the next 23 hours. (It's been in the