30 day challenges

I'm giving the 30 day plank challenge and the 30 day arm challenge a shot. This is alongside the walking. I've bought the app and I'm ready to shufty. The reason I'm going back to basics and body weight exercises....well, basically my back keeps saying no and I think this may be a good way

That bloody woman…

It's very difficult to talk about Katie Hopkins, primarily known for resigning from The Apprentice and engaging in al fresco sex with married fellas, without resorting to schoolyard jibes about her appearance and kicking all the furniture and pets within reach, while simultaneously frothing at the mouth and spitting obscenities. Well that's the effect she


If my lower abdominal muscles had a voice, the noise they would have made would have been the noise when two cats successfully achieve sexual congress. YEEEEOWWWWWLL. More or less. However, that was just because I'd had a decent sleep, and fortunately things did improve immensely. Problem is it's 10.50pm and 25 degrees C. I

New blog

One of the things that I tend to bang on about a lot is body image.So I've decided to do something about mine and take up a challenge for 8-ish weeks and I'll be blogging about it here The 40 Ouch 8 Week Challenge. Weird that, not that the title isn't a giveaway.At the moment, it